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Cure is an Ophthalmology EMR & patient experience management solution

Complete Practice Management solution addressing the operational and growth requirements of professionally run eye hospitals and digitize hospital physical records, reduce patient wait time, control hospital operations, provide accurate data for decision making and is equipped with advanced healthcare technologies

  • Designed by Doctors for Doctors
  • Reliable partner in eye hospital NABH accreditation process
  • Pan India client base & local language support
  • Immaculate ophthalmology EMR implementation and training
  • 12 Years of experience
  • 150 + ophthalmology software installations across India

Product Featuress

Seamless Workflow

Single screen concept, minimum click and organised display layouts makes the working smooth and sparing more time for patients.

Paperless operations

With complete integration, very less use of paper is required while using CureCS. Patient’s physical records are digitized enabling easy and fast recovery.

Patient Queue Management

Token system and patient waiting details helps proper patient management.

Prescription Templates

Saving time and leading to more time for patient care.

Surgery scheduling

Helps in optimal resource utilisation at the operation theater and schedule eye surgeries accordingly.

Package billing for OPD and IPD

Management of fixed cost packages for surgeries and other services based on packages selected by counselors.

Optical and pharmacy stock management

Intergrate with EMR and enables tracking all the stock details with great efficiency.

Machine Integration

Now image and data storing made simple by allowing machine integration, reducing human errors.

SMS Alerts

Appointment alerts reminds patients and doctors, improves patient quality.

EMR with minimum clicks and single screen

The Intergy electronic health records platform simplifies your work and fuels your success.

  • Flexible, specialty-specific template library for OPD and IPD prescriptions
  • Integrated website, mobile, patient engagement, analytics, and other add-ons
  • Clinical alerts
  • Documentation that doesn’t slow you down
  • Simple scheduling
  • Appointment alerts

High-performing practices rely on Intergy electronic health records

Specialty-specific Whether its pediatrics, family practice, or OB-GYN, our electronic health records solution fits your medical specialty, with features tailored to your needs.

Reporting capability Document and report data for value-based incentive programs quickly and efficiently using our innovative EMR solution.

Reliable support PITS Customer Support team provides quick answers to your EMR questions, along with focused, ongoing support, based 100%

Data analysis that works for you

Provides better insights to management through customized information

  • More than 200 available reports, dashboard.
  • Dashboards to track progress for clinical quality measures, advancing care information, and clinical practice improvement activities
  • Identify open care gaps and analyze fiscal data

An electronic health records ecosystem, Intergy manages the functions of your practice, optimizing workflows and boosting performance.

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Watch a short video to learn how our innovative EHR and Practice Management software streamlines practice workflows and boosts revenue opportunities.

More Features

The EMR features that facilitates financial performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Patient portal

Our innovative patient engagement tools, such as patient portals and patient messaging, offer patients greater access to their health information, which has the potential to encourage them to engage with their physicians more frequently for better health.

Patient Queue Managament

Token system and patient waiting details helps proper patient management.

Data Security

Protecting and preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and infrastructure is critical to our mission. Auto Sync datat backup to cloud server.

Website Integration

Integrate online website with EMR, engange patients in online appointments, connect to payment gateway, appointment alerts.

Prabhakar IT Services

CureCS is among top industry’s leading brands now united as Eye Care Leaders in India, Few clicks to make eye care easy.

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